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Remote Support

Virus/Spyware Removal $119.99
PC Optimization $99.99
Virus/Spyware Removal & Optimization $169.99
Computer Repair $99.99
Peripheral installation $49.99
Software Assistance $79.99
Computer Maintenance/Tune Up $49.99
General Security Check $49.99
Remote Email Setup for Phones $24.99

How It Works

How is my computer accessed?

Once you fill out the form below, you are asked to download a small file. This allows Skynet to access your PC.

What does the downloaded file provide?

The downloaded file gives our technician the ability to access your computer files in order to fix the problem. It provides an interactive live chat with our technician while he is working on your PC, and it provides a way to transfer a file to our technician in the event a file transfer is needed.

Does the file stay on my computer?

No, the file automatically removes itself from your PC at the end of the session.

Do I have to be local to use Skynet's Remote support?

No, with remote support you can be states away and still have the ability to request our remote support service.

When can I request remote support?

Remote support is available during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 7:00pm Central Time.

When is payment due?

Up front payment is required for Skynet's Remote Support Service. Please contact us for any questions regarding our payment policies.

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Computer Repair
PC Diagnostic and Evaluations FREE
Windows/Apple Tune-Up & Optimization $49.99
Virus & Spyware Removal $89.99
Data backup + Operating System Reinstall $89.99
Password Removal (Windows 7) $9.99
Physical Cleaning (with Purchase of another Service) $9.99
Pictures, Files, Data backup & Transfer $49.99
Laptop Screen Replacement Starting at $119.99
Hard Drive Replacements and Upgrades Starting at $99.99
Laptop Power Port Replacement Starting at $99.99
Call About Our Windows and Apple PC Upgrades!  

Cell Phone Repair
iPhone 4/4s Screen Replacement $69.99
iPhone 5/5s/5c Screen Replacement $99.99
iPad 2nd/3rd/4th Gen Display Screen (LCD) Only Replacement $99.99
iPad 2nd/3rd/4th Gen Top Glass (Digitizer) Only Replacement $109.99
iPad Mini Display Screen (LCD) Only Replacement $99.99
iPad Mini Retina Display Screen (LCD) Only Replacement $139.99
iPad Mini Retina top Glass (Digitizer) Only Replacement $129.99
iPad Air Display Screen (LCD) Only Replacement $149.99
iPad Air Top Glass (Digitizer) Only Replacement $129.99
Android Screen Replacements starting at $99.99

Console Repair
Xbox Laser and DVD Drive Replacement Starting at $149.99
PS3 Laser and Blue-Ray Drive Replacement Starting at $149.99
Wii DVD Drive Replacement $94.99
Game Disc Drive Realignment $39.99
Physical Cleaning (with Purchase of another Service) $9.99
PS4 2TB Hard Drive Upgrade (Hard Drive Included!) $189.99
Xbox 360 RROD or Red Ring of Death Repair $54.99
PS3 YLOD or Yellow Light of Death Repair $54.99

All of our repairs have a 30 day warranty

Where We Are

1921 S Elm Pl
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions or concerns with the form below or call us at 918-895-1982